3.11. An engine running in after repair

Durability of the repaired engine considerably depends on its running in at the stand and an operating mode on the car throughout the first 1000 km of a run.
At the stand it is recommended to roll the engine in the following mode:
1. A cold running in with a frequency of rotation of a bent shaft 1200 – 1500 min.-1 within 15 minutes.
2. Hot running in idling: at 1000 min.-1 – 1 hour, at 1500 min.-1 – 1 hour, at 2000 min.-1 – 30 minutes, at 2500 min.-1 – 15 minutes.
Pressure of oil support not lower than 2,5 kgfs/cm2, and its temperature on an entrance to the engine – not less than 50 °C.
Water temperature at the exit from the engine has to be 70–85 °C, and on an entrance – not less than 50 °C.
Then adjust and check the engine with a frequency of rotation up to 3000 min.-1.
For improvement extra earnings of details rolled at the stand and then the engine installed on the car, do not exceed during the first 1000 km of a run of the following speeds of the movement: on the fourth (direct) transfer – 45–50 km/h, on the third transfer – 30 km/h, on the second – 20 km/h and on the first – 12 km/h.
Do not overload the car and do not allow movement along bad roads (dirt, sand, steep slopes). Before start-off from the place warm up the engine before its steady work without enrichment of working mix. After the run of the first 500 km replace oil.
In the absence of the stand roll the engine on the car during the first 1000 km of a run as it is stated above.