3.1. Krivoshipno-shatunny mechanism

Fig. 2.3. Order of tightening of nuts of a head of the block of cylinders

Tighten nuts of fastening of a head of the block of cylinders after a car running in, through 1000 km of a run and after each removal of a head. You carry out an inhaling of nuts only on the cold engine in the sequence specified fig. 2.3 in two steps. Final moment of an inhaling of 71,5-76,5 N · m (7,3–7,8 kgfs · м).
As required clear of a deposit a head of the block of cylinders, the bottoms of pistons and inlet valves.
On the serviceable not worn-out engine at use of high-quality fuel and oil and observance of the appropriate thermal mode the deposit is small.
At wear of the engine, especially its piston rings, a lot of oil gets to combustion chambers and the big layer of a deposit is formed. Existence of a deposit is determined by strengthening of a detonation, an overheat, falling of power and increase in fuel consumption. At emergence of these signs remove a head of the block of cylinders and remove a deposit by means of metal scrapers and brushes. Do not allow hit of a deposit in a gap between heads of pistons and cylinders. If the engine used ethylated gasoline, then previously moisten a deposit with kerosene that during cleaning to exclude a possibility of inhalation of poisonous dust.