1.3. Greasing of the car

Durable and trouble-free operation of the car to a large extent depends on timely replacement of oil and lubricant in units and knots.

Fig. 1. Scheme of greasing and gas station of cars of family UAZ-31512

Fig. 2. Scheme of greasing and gas station of cars of family UAZ-3741

Table 1. Lubricants and special liquids

The name of lubricants and frequency of their replenishment or replacement are specified in tab. 1 and 2, and an arrangement of units and the knots demanding carrying out lubricant – rice. 1 and 2.
If in the column "Name of Lubricant" of tab. 2 there are no special instructions, the specified grade of oil or lubricant is applied in all times of year.
When carrying out lubricant operations observe the following requirements:
1. Merge oil from the engine and units of transmission at its replacement at once after a car stop when units are heated-up.
2. Carefully delete dirt from details, press-butterdishes and traffic jams before producing lubricant to avoid penetration of dirt into car mechanisms.
3. Carefully delete the lubricant which acted or flowed out after greasing of the car from all details.
4. Wash out cases before filling of fresh oil if oil in cases of the engine and units of transmission is strongly polluted or in it metal particles are noticed.
5. Mixing of Litol-24 lubricant with the lubricant of "Litas" replacing it is allowed in any proportions. At use of other substitutes wash out knot kerosene.