1.2. Amount of works on categories of maintenance

Daily maintenance
1. External survey check completeness of the car, a condition of a body (cabin), an awning, a platform, glasses, mirrors of a rear view, plumage, number signs, colourings, locks of doors, a frame, springs, amor-tizator, wheels and tires.
Examine the parking lot and be convinced of lack of dribbles of fuel, oil, the cooling and brake liquid.
Eliminate the found malfunctions.
2. Bring amount of oil in a case of the engine, cooling liquid and Torahs-moznoy of liquid to norm.
3. Check operation of devices of lighting, the light and sound alarm system, a screen wiper. Eliminate malfunctions.
4. Check action of steering and brake mechanisms. Eliminate malfunctions.
5. At bezgarazhnom storage of the car in cold time of year after a trip merge water from the cooling system.
6. In warm time of year fill with water a washer reservoir of wind glass.
7. If the car ekspluatiro-vatsya in especially dusty conditions or overcame the fords and sections of the road which are filled in with liquid dirt, replace or clear the filtering element of the air filter of the engine.
8. After a trip wash up the car if it was operated on dirty or dusty roads.

Maintenance "after a running in" is specified in the section "Car Running in" of the Operation manual.
 Through each 4 000 km of a run
1. Execute works, predusmot-renny EO.
2. Check and at need adjust a free wheeling of a pedal of coupling.
3. Check the size of the free and working courses of a brake pedal. At need make a re-gulirovka of workers and parking Torahs-moznykh of mechanisms and their drives.
4. Check a free wheeling of a steering wheel, a state, an inhaling and a shplintovka of nuts of spherical fingers of steering drafts, gaps in hinges of steering drafts and the steering mechanism, fastening of the lever of a rotary fist, a bipod and case of the steering mechanism. Ustra-nite of malfunction.
5. Tighten fastening of wheels, check a condition of tires and pressure of air in them, at need pump up air.
6. Tighten fastenings of flanges of forward and back cardan shaft to flanges of shaft of a distributing box, spherical support to flanges of casings of half shafts.
7. Check fastening of drives of management of a box of transfers, a distributing box and at need tighten carving connections.
8. Check fastening of the generator and adjust a fan belt tension.
9. Adjust the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft idling with control of toxicity of the fulfilled gases.
 Through each 8 000 km of a run
1. Perform the works provided after the run of 4 000 km.
2. Clear the rechargeable battery of dirt, clean air vents in traffic jams, check the level of electrolyte and if necessary add the distilled water.
3. Check and tighten fastening of a reception pipe of the muffler and its suspension bracket.
4. Check survey tightness of the cooling system, serviceability and fastening of the pump of the cooling system and fan, a condition of a belt of the fan. Eliminate malfunctions.
5. Tighten fastening of the leading flanges of naves and flanges of half shafts.
6. Check survey correctness of an arrangement (lack of distortions) of forward and back bridges.
7. Replace an oil filter of the engine.
8. Clear the air filter and its filtering element of dust and dirt.
9. Adjust headlights.
10. Follow instructions of tab. 2.
 Through each 16 000 km of a run
1. Execute works, predusmot-renny after the run of 8 000 km.
2. Check and at need adjust gaps between koro-mysla and valves.
3. Tighten fastening of the engine, an oil case of the engine, the top and lower parts of a case of coupling.
4. Tighten fastening of a radiator and its facing, blinds, expansion drafts, check serviceability of valves of a stopper of a radiator.
5. Clear the generator and a starter of dirt and oil and check a condition of a collector and brushes of a starter. At need blow a cavity a gene-ratora and a starter compressed air and check their fastening. Adjust a fan belt tension.
6. Tighten fastening of inlet and final pipelines.
7. Clear a surface of candles, coils of ignition, the sensor distributor and wires of high tension of dirt and oil. Check a condition of wires of high and low voltage. Remove spark plugs and check their state. At need smooth out electrodes and an otre-guliruyta a gap between them. Check installation of the moment of ignition.
8. Check degree of state of charge of the accumulator battery on tension of elements under loading. At need remove the battery for recharge. Check fastening of the accumulator battery in a nest.
9. Check, wash out and blow an element of the filter settler, filter of thin purification of fuel, a detail of the carburetor and fuel pump. Check fuel level in the float-operated camera of the carburetor, operation of the accelerating pump and economizer. Eliminate malfunctions.
10. Check and at need adjust gearing of a worm and a roller (a nut lath and a shaft sector) in the steering mechanism.
11. Check serviceability of the drive and action of a parking brake. At need remove a drum, about-verte wear of brake slips, sort, wash out and grease razzhimnoy and adjusting mechanisms.
12. Check a condition of a frame, the towing device, elements of forward and back suspension brackets. Eliminate neisp-ravnost. The weakened rivets of cups and collars of springs pereklepayte.
13. Check and at need adjust bearings of naves of wheels.
14. Remove brake drums and clear brake mechanisms. Check a condition of brake drums, blocks, slips and fastening of brake boards. Eliminate malfunctions.
15. Check a condition of trubopro-vod of brake system and brake cylinders. Eliminate malfunctions.
16. Install brake reels and adjust gaps between Torahs-moznymi drums and blocks.
17. Tighten fastening of covers of bearings of the leading gear wheels of pe-redny and back bridges of the car.
18. Tighten fastening of a box of transfers on a case of coupling and a distributing box on a box of transfers.
19. Check gaps in bearings of gear wheels of the main transfer of forward and back bridges and at existence eliminate.
20. Tighten fastening of flanges of cardan shaft.
21. Check the size of a convergence of forward wheels, at need adjust.
22. Check fastening of a body (cabin) and platform to a frame. Eliminate malfunctions.
23. Check and at need adjust a tension of cables of window regulators of forward doors (for cars of family UAZ-3741).
24. Tighten fastening of the fuel tanks.
25. Rearrange wheels according to the scheme.
26. Wash out kerosene a flame arrester grid in a cover of the air filter.
27. Wash out account and safety valves of the pump of the hydraulic booster of steering.
28. Follow instructions of tab. 2
 Through each 32 000 km of a run
1. Perform the works provided after the run of 16 000 km.
2. Clean hoses and wash out kerosene of a detail of system of ventilation of a case of the engine.
3. Check a compression in engine cylinders.
4. Merge a sediment and wash out the fuel tanks.
5. Make change of oil in a case of the engine with preliminary washing of the lubrication system of the engine.

Seasonal maintenance
Seasonal service is carried out two times a year (in the spring and in the fall) and whenever possible combined with oche-redny maintenance after the run of 16 000 km. Upon transition to a winter or summer season of operation to supplement the volume of works after the run of 16 000 km with the following operations:
 Before a summer season of operation
1. Connect an airintaking sleeve to a branch pipe of the air filter and install the gate of heating of working mix of the gas pipeline in situation "summer".
2. Merge a sediment from the fuel tanks.
3. Remove the heater electric motor, check a condition of a collector and brushes, wash out and grease bearings.
4. Make replacement of oils in ag-regata on summer grades, predusmot-renny tab. 2
 Before a winter season of operation
1. Disconnect an airintaking sleeve from a branch pipe of the air filter and install the gate of heating of working mix of the gas pipeline in situation "winter".
2. Wash out the fuel tanks and fuel filters.
3. Make replacement of oils in units on the winter grades provided by tab. 2
4. Check work of system of heating and ventilation of a body (cabin).
5. Check work of blinds. Of malfunction also grease with Ustra-nite draft.
6. Once in three years (or through
60 000 km of a run) wash out the cooling system and replace cooling liquid.
7. Wash out or replace the air filter of the vacuum amplifier of the working brake system.