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UAZ 3151

In 1985 the all-terrain vehicle was modernized, the army version, according to new classification, received an index 3151. By cars appeared:

Hydraulic drive of switching off of coupling;
Driveshafts with radial and face consolidation of bearings;
New lighting fixtures;
Windshield washer with the electric drive;
Suspended pedals of coupling and brake;
The leading bridges of the increased reliability with the changed value of transfer number of the main couple and wheel reducers;
The brake system with the double-circuit drive and the signaling device;
Cutting steering column;
More effective and reliable heater;
By part of cars completely synchronized 4-staged transmission, vacuum amplifier of brakes;
Engine capacity of UMZ-414 is increased to 80 h.p.;
The maximum speed of the car increased up to 110 — 115 km/h.